Ready, Steady Collection

Ready, Steady Recorder! , Clarinet Flute & Sax guides children from the very beginning, from teaching them how to hold a recorders, clarinets and flutes properly, to key symbols which are explained at the beginning and repeated throughout the book to encourage and aid learning.

Rhythms are clapped out, musical terms and symbols explained simply, ideas are there to help with learning, rewards are given for achievements, playing techniques are reinforced and games help bring fun, making these new books comprehensive yet enjoyable and easy to follow.

As well as the initial ‘how to hold’, full-colour fingering guides are present throughout showing children exactly where they need to place their fingers for certain notes. These great new books follows on from the success of Sarah’s Red Hot Recorder and, with more content, contains everything needed for young recorder players.

For full details on Ready, Steady Recorder! including the teacher pack (which contains everything you will need to start teaching), click here…