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"I was born into a 'creative family' to an eccentric and inspiring mother who played jazz piano and had great ideas, and an artistic father who was a talented cartoonist and liked making models out of cardboard.



It was a home where we regularly entertained with evening gatherings ending in an informal concert or jam session. Encouraged by my mother, I improvised on the piano from a young age. I am not sure how, but I just played notes and if they didn't sound right, I changed them until they did! There was never a question as to whether I was musical or could improvise, that's just what we did in our house."

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stacks_image_2091_11"Razzamajazz was the first series I wrote and I still think it is one of the most useful. The idea behind the various instrumental versions was to provide a way of learning an instrument while playing actual pieces. I thought the teacher might find it a useful accompaniment to the traditional tutor book.


I really wanted to write pieces which made the student sound good, right from the very first note. I wanted to set the student up for success by writing each piece with a special accompaniment that made them feel they had achieved something great, and made them want to turn the page and learn more.." To find out more about my books, click here...



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