Sparkling Songz

Sparkling Songz for Starter Choirs

You need only read the titles of these songs and know the composer – the amazing Sarah Watts – to get the message that this is a fun collection full of upbeat and glitzy pieces.

Young singers will love them and so will their audiences. Many are for singing in unison while others have optional second parts.

There is a super CD included with both practice and performance tracks.

– Dragonfly
– Got to get up
– Hello, how d’you do?
– Listen up
– On the train
– Sam the cat
– Singing in the dark
– The mess strikes back!
– The pork pie jig
– The shrimp waltz
– The spider song
– The seagull’s song
– The roundabout round
– Time to go home
– What about?
– Words
– You can do a boogie