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Red Hot Recorder

It’s official! Red Hot Recorder is now Britain’s bestselling recorder tutor!*

Red Hot Recorder Tutor is an excellent way to introduce young children to the recorder. Laid out in a clear, simple way, it introduces the notes and the basics of music theory in digestible stages. With the free accompanying CD, the children can play along and quickly make progress. They can clap along to the rhythm sessions, and copy the patterns played in the listening exercises.

There are specially priced tutor packs for class teaching. The student copy contains tutor elements and the tunes, the teacher copy has piano accompaniment.

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 Red Hot Recorder Tutor Descant – Student

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Red Hot Recorder Tutor Descant – Teacher

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Red Hot Recorder Tutor Treble – Student

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 Red Hot Recorder Tutor Treble – Teacher

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Red Hot Recorder Tutor 2 Descant – Student

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Red Hot Recorder Tutor 2 Descant – Teacher
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Red Hot Series

Made up of Red Hot Recorder Duets, Red Hot Flute Duets, Red Hot Recorder Songs and Red Hot Dots, the Red Hot Series has something for everyone!

Red Hot Recorder Duets and Red Hot Flute Duets are an excellent introduction to ensemble playing. The jazzy piano accompaniments give a fun, popular feel, and a free CD is included to help learn the pieces and to play along with.

Red Hot Recorder Songs works in step with Red Hot Recorder Tutor to present imaginative and alternative ways to teach the recorder. The book contains new songs written especially to reinforce note learning, all with a popular style and ‘feel good’ accompaniment. Also included are rhythm exercises to strengthen rhythmic literacy, articulation, listening skills and intonation. There are also suggestions for extension activities.

Music notes are sometimes called dots for fun, and fun is exactly what Red Hot Dots is all about. It’s a treasure chest of activities to encourage good music technique, offer fun musical experiences and expand musical horizons. There’s a free CD and Red Hot Dots covers many aspects of the National Curriculum music syllabus for Key Stages 1 and 2. There’s an opportunity to develop:
– performing skills, including singing in unison and in rounds, and playing percussion.
– composing skills – making up rhythms and improvisation.
– appraising skills – a chance to talk about musical styles and how music makes you feel.
– listening skills, like learning and remembering melody and words; use of tempo, dynamics and duration.

Red Hot Recorder Duets – Book 1
Grade 1-2
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Red Hot Recorder Duets – Book 2
Grade 1-2
Product code: 3612096  Buy
Red Hot Recorder Songs

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Red Hot Dots Student

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Red Hot Dots Teacher

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Product code: 3611855